Why Twin over Full Bunk Beds Work for Kids, Teens & Adults

Bunk beds are practical sleeping solutions for several reasons - they accommodate many, don't take up a lot of space and make sleepovers and sharing a room fun. But, the best part of specifically owning a twin over full bunk bed or a twin over queen bunk bed is that it accommodates everyone in the family. With different size bunks on the top and bottom, there are options for comfortably hosting kids, teens and adults - all in one room

Benefits of Owning a Twin over Full Bunk Bed 

Among many reasons why we love twin over full bunk beds, one of the biggest benefits of owning this style verses a twin over twin traditional bunk is that the bottom bed is obviously larger as a full size. That's extra space for parents to snuggle with kids at night for story time. Kids appreciate this for easing their way into bedtime. 

Teens love twin over full bunks as they typically sleep on the top bunk but convert the bottom bunk into a hangout space or reading nook. They often choose the extra long (XL) size now available for more legroom. 

Adults enjoy how twin over full bunk beds are airy and spacious, so they don't feel like a traditional “stacked” sleeping quarters. There's lots of room to spread out on the bottom bed.

Maxtrix twin over full bunk beds are rock solid, sturdy and made to withstand up to 800 pound, making it a perfect solution for sleeping many in tight spaces like hunting cabins or vacation homes. Plus, XL or Queen Bunks feature an additional metal cross bar that makes these beds even stronger – withstanding up to 2000 lb’s of weight per bed (that’s almost 1 ton)!  

Two Plush Queen Bunk Beds for Vacation and Beach Homes

Twin Over Full Bed Considerations

If you're sold on the design of staggered bunk beds, know all of your configuration options available. Bunk beds have changed over time with more sizes and solutions for different ages and spaces. First, make a list of who might sleep in the room. Are you accommodating children only? Teenager or college student? Need an extra bed for possible sleepovers and guests? What about a spare bedroom that might need to sleep a whole family? Knowing who you are providing accommodations for will help you choose the right bunk bed size as they start with twin and go up to Twin XL, Full,  Full XL and Queen.

twin over full with ladder on end

Also, keep in mind your entrance types. While angled ladders in the front are most common, more options include straight ladders off the footboard or stairs with handrails. If more storage space is needed, opt for the staircase as each step is a pullout, hardwood dresser drawers. Can't decide - check out ladders vs. stairs and figure out which is right for you. 

twin over full with stairs

Medium Twin over Full Bunk Bed Dimensions

Starting with our most popular Medium Height (find out what bunk bed height is right for you) here's a list of Maxtrix Twin over Full bunk beds plus Twin XL and Full XL additions - XL options add 6" to your bed length. Note that all ladders and stairs are reversible and can be positioned on either side of the bed.

Twin Over Full with Ladder - L: 80" x D: 61.5" x H: 66.25"

twin over full bunk beds with ladder




Add a Slide to Your Twin our Full Bunk Bed

Ready to add some fun to your medium high twin over full bunk bed? We know kids love the addition of a slide for indoor playtime and sleepover fun. Here are two best selling designs with slides.

Twin over Full Bunk Bed with Slide: L: 80" x D: 107" x H: 66.25"


twin over full bunk bed with slide


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Hopefully you have a better understanding of your twin over full and twin over queen bunk bed heights, entrances and add-on options like slides and trundle beds. Take a look at all of your twin over full bunk bed options and contact our design team for assistance customizing a specific design. Note that as always, your Maxtrix twin over full bunk bed can be changed later into a different look. Turn bunks into two separate beds, add a third bed to make it a corner bunk bed, remove the slide or top tent for a more sophisticated look... it's all possible with Maxtrix!