Why You Should Buy a Loft Bed

Whether you're moving into a new house or you're just redecorating your child's bedroom, consider adding a loft bed. This type of bed adds function and usable space to a bedroom, perfect when you don't have a lot of square footage or if two kids will share a bedroom. With all of the benefits, loft beds just may be the bedroom furniture you need.


Lofts beds come in many styles.

Wooden loft beds are perfect if you’re going for a cozy country or more traditionally styled bedroom. If your style runs more towards the modern, then a metal loft bed will fit the bedroom decor perfectly. Some loft beds come with cute tents for little children to hide in. With styles that are perfect for kids and teens, it’s easy to find something that will meet their tastes and yours.


Loft beds allow for extra work and play space.
Loft beds are the perfect solution for a small bedroom because you can open up more floor space. The space underneath is a good place for a desk or a play area. Consider installing a homework desk under the loft bed; you can also find loft beds that come with a desk built in. This is a great solution for kids who need a dedicated place to study or to set up a computer. Another option instead of a work space is to install seating, a bookcase, and a lamp for a personal library. In addition, adding a tent to a loft bed can transform it into a fort for extra fun.


Loft beds give you extra storage space.
The storage space underneath a loft bed is one of its most popular features. If you don’t need a workspace, you can always put the extra square footage to good use by storing bins, shoes, and clothes there. The extra storage space is really valuable in a child’s room. Use it to hold toy boxes or to place the dresser. Choose a loft bed that comes with shelves or drawers if you need more storage.


Loft beds allow extra space for families.
Loft beds make great pieces of furniture for growing families. Parents basically get a two-for-one deal with a loft bed. The space is already there, all that needs to be done is add a second bed underneath the elevated one.